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Automated Address Book Appender

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When an incoming email contains the EXECUTIVES NAME with FULL CONTACT INFORMATION BLOCK, you can Auto Post all of their contact information fields into your Outlook Address Book. Microsoft Outlook only has an option to automate the auto insertion of just the email address and that only occurs when you send the email.

This enhancement auto inserts (first and last name, full postal record, email address, all phone numbers and notes) directly into your Outlook Address Book creating a tremendous time saver. It gets even better----Instead of just being reactive to incoming emails you can be proactive too: You can actually send an email either individually or to everyone in your address book, at any time, which contains their “contact information form” asking your contacts to fill in any missing contact information fields! The completed forms automatically update your Address Book!

It even gets better! Every email you open you will have an adjustable right hand side bar contact information panel on that email sender right next to senders email so you don’t have waste time going to your Address book to run a search for anyone! Additionally, this side bar contains a Notes Box which allows you to make notes into their contact information form which of course stays with every email they send for you to review customer service or sales history.

If you’re like most people you never want to interrupt your train of thought by taking the time to copy and paste every information field of an executive into your address book. Then when you need that executives contact information in the future you are forced to waste time doing a search to find and old email to scroll through to see –what maybe an “out of date”---contact signature block! No more of that wasted time. Time is money! These minutes add up to hours of wasted time every year!

You will say: How the “blank” did I ever function without this!

Email Scheduler & Reminders

Now you can send pre-created email messages at a specific date or automate the sending of unlimited periodic (daily, weekly, monthly) follow-up emails!

Use this feature to contact others or as a convenient reminder system to yourself! Tremendous feature allows you to automatically follow-up on your sales presentations or customer service issues.

The system also has dynamic attachment support an option which will automatically grab the latest version of a document. The files will be attached just before sending so you always can get latest version. To make things easier, the scheduler supports not only attaching single files, but also all files from a given directory!

If you have certain critical documents that get frequently updated, you can as a security measure send the documents to a free email service account as a back-up.

You always can check and modify your scheduled emails by navigating to "Scheduled Emails" folder in your Outlook Folder Tree (or just by pressing "Scheduled Emails" button on ribbon / toolbar.)

To use the scheduler, just write your email as usual, but instead of pressing "Send" just press the "Schedule this email" button and the very user friendly interface instructs you step by step!

If you did not have Outlook open at the time of the scheduled email-the feature has a 24 hour period in which the scheduled emails will still be sent at the time you open Outlook.

Email Encryption

There are several new “email sniffer software” software programs on the market which allow thieves to simply enter your businesses domain name and read all your business emails as if you were sending a postcard in the mail. Thieves can actually target key executives email addresses and read the content of your company emails.

Please don’t think that we using scare tactics! Just go to Google and enter “email sniffer software” or “email packet sniffer software” and you will be amazed at the software available that can intercept your messages.

This security hole is now plugged with Outlook Robot, so “email sniffer” programs can no longer read your emails as our solution is an end to end solution.

The encryption is built right into Microsoft Outlook and automatically encrypts and decrypts the email body and all attachments between users of the Outlook Robot. The encryption algorithm is so secure that it will comply with any Federal or State Privacy Regulations in your industry (e.g. GLBA, HIPAA, 201 CMR 17). It is important that you understand that Outlook Robot uses: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

AES is a standard adopted by the U.S. Government as noted by Wikipedia: (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Advanced_Encryption_Standard)

Because Outlook Robot is the only Outlook encryption that also has a fully functional free version the amount of users are making this USA standard the most widely used international encryption system. This is very beneficial because with tens of millions of people being added this year alone and over 100 million anticipated by Dec 31st 2011; every time that you send and receive a message in or outside of your company the sender and receiver using Outlook Robot Encryption does not have to hit the Decrypt button when receiving a fellow Outlook Robot user’s encrypted email—its automatic encryption and automatic decryption!

At Outlook Robot we like to say that our users are “On ICE”---- International Convenient Encryption (ICE).

Auto Responder

Outlook Robot has the ability to answer emails with ease with this very simple yet rich featured Microsoft Outlook add-on.

Your message could say:

I am out of the office till 2pm Eastern and will review your email when I get back.

One of the features of Outlook Robot auto responder is that it uses your existing auto responder settings and allows you to Change Your Message Remotely From Your Smart Phone.

For example: Your original message says: I am out of the office till 2pm Eastern and will review your email when I get back.

If you are running late, you can remotely change your message using your smart phone to:

I originally thought I was going to be back at 2pm but I am running late and it now looks like I will be back at 4pm Eastern.

FAQ Answer Magician

Added into the Microsoft Outlook Header Ribbon is one-click access to an unlimited list of your key phrases that relate to detailed, paragraphs of “frequently used stored information!”

This enhancement is very useful for customer service or sales people who often have to explain the same information to many different people throughout the day. You simply hold your cursor where you want to add a stored passage, hit one button and choose what message you want to add.

No more rewriting paragraphs of information over and over again throughout the day!

This also has the added benefit of making sure all your customer service and sales people are “singing the same song” at your business.

Reply Email and Keep the Attachment

In Microsoft Outlook when you receive an email with an attachment the attachment will be removed if you hit REPLY. Often individuals like to send the attachment back and include other recipients to discuss the attachment. Now using Outlook Robot you can hit one button and reply and keep the attachment.

Personalize Bulk Emails & Avoid Addresses Per Email Limits

Let's say you have a large address list to send and this poses a few challenges:

(Problem One): Impersonal Emails:

Instead of using the more personal approach of emailing using the "To: Line" insert all those emails into the email headers "BCC: Line" so as to not disclose your emails addresses to all recipients; but this is a very impersonal approach.

(Problem Two) Group emailing, especially under BCC option causes your email to have problems getting through email filters as email filters flag such emails.

(Problem Three) Limitations on the Amount of Emails included within on SENDING. Almost all ISP's will impose some limit on the amount of email addresses that can be included within each send.

The above problems are all solved by....

When you create your bulk email use place holders: $First_Name $Last-Name or $Full_Name in the subject line and /or the email body and the actual names from your Outlook Address Book will be auto inserted for the place holders to personalize each email. Then simply take your entire bulk list and insert it into the ( "To: Line:" ) not the BCC Line because Outlook Robot is going to replicate your entire email presentation for every email address and personally send them all individually! Now everyone will get your email and believe that you took the time to write to them personally and they areaddresses by name within the email headers To: Line! Tremendous for Sales Follow-ups and customer service or simply sending an email to a group of friends!

Message Per Hour "Leak Out" Capability

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will shut you down in a heartbeat if you have more than "X number" of emails going out within an hour. It is a blanking pain in the ass to divide your bulk list and set a timer to wait till the next hour to send the next batch of emails out! We solved this problem by adding "leak out" capability to Outlook. Now you can tell Outlook to "Take A Leak" as you simply adjust the amount of emails that you want sent per hour to stay under your ISP's limit.

Upload or Export .CSV File

If your company has developed its own opt-in customer data list from your website, you can now upload a standard .csv file directly into your Outlook Address Book.

Creating Multiple Lists: Although there's only one address book in Outlook, your Outlook Address Book is just like a query able database in that it can have many contact folders -----which of course can be different uploaded .csv data file lists. When you upload a .csv data file you are asked (which folder) to import contacts from----- so you can have different contact folders for current customers, prospective customers, business associates, personal friends, etc.

Additionally, you can export selected Outlook Address Book folders as a .csv file.

Email Color Categories

Outlooks color categories is a great feature to organize contacts as it has several advantages over developing separate email distribution lists; however under Outlook there's no built-in support for emailing your contacts by selected categories! That problem is now history as Our "Send to Category" feature offers a fast and easy solution for emailing your categories. Just click the "Send to category" dropdown button in the main Outlook window and simply select which category you want to email and your email will be created automatically!

Remember your color categories can organize not only your contacts, but organize other outlook items (like emails, appointments) too. Send to Category feature ignores all non-contact items marked with a given color and if there aren't any contacts at all in selected category you will even get a warning message so you can't make a mistake.

Automated Opt-Out Link

Now you can be CAN-SPAM compliant in your emails by simply clicking your new Opt-Out Link button in your Outlook Ribbon Header. Selecting this feature your emailed recipients receive your emails with a link at the bottom so they can choose to automatically remove their email address from your Outlook Address Book!

Sales Leads Generating Software!

  Database Emailer

Database Emailer allows you to e-mail for $1 per 200,000 from the IP addresses of USA based email servers, with by far the best deliverability in the industry! How? DBE simultaneously rotates your email through many webhosting companies SMTP's, so you do not utilize contiguous IP addresses and exceed the ISP speed thresholds. Also rotated are your: From Names, From E-mails, Subject Lines, parts of the email body and many presentations, to reduce commonality to the filters, and includes a built in spam-checker. Database Emailer has a robust database built into it that allows you to query data that we supply or other data suppliers by dozens of socio, economic and demographic selects. DBE also interfaces with our squeeze/landing pages we can design for you so to provide "ANONYMOUS" tracking of opens, click throughs, landing page visits and includes an auto-responder. Dozens of other unique benefits which simultaneously allows you to have not only the lowest email sending costs but by far the best deliverability!

Database Emailer Has Simply Revolutionized The Email Industry! We will demonstrate DBE  at our Live Question & Answer Webinar which is Monday-thru Friday at 2pm eastern USA.

See webinar access here: http://www.databaseemailer.com/free-webinar.php

Or listen to a recorded version at your leisure: https://www.fuzemeeting.com/replay_meeting/c342e024/685221

Database Emailer Has Simply Revolutionized The Email Industry!

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  Contact Page Submitter

CPS simply automates you going to tens of thousands of websites per day and submitting your messages to a targeted executive! You simply upload a business data file of millions of targeted business URL's (i.e. websites domain names) into CPS and simply type your presentation into CPS which you want auto submitted into the Contact Pages of tens of thousands of websites per day!

You do not need to upload the actual Contact Page URL of the business, only the home page URL needs to be uploaded, as CPS will incredibly find the Contact Page to auto insert your presentation for you!

CPS has a robust database which allows you to simply point and click to filter through your business database to send messages by a dozen data fields.

CPS automatically personalizes every website submission as CPS allows you to put in the header name of the data columns and when your message is posted the header of the column is replaced with the value in that data row. Example: The header name for first name column of the business data is: "First_Name" and therefore if you simply put: "First_Name" in your presentation the header name will be replaced with the actual executives first name that is in the uploaded business data file. You can do: First_Name Last_Name or any other data column to personalize every submission so it looks like you personally visited the website!

Because it looks like you personally visited the website you're treated as a "Guest in the Website Owners House" compared to using other contact business prospecting methods which make you appear more as bulk solicitor.

Because CPS is predicated on using the businesses website address to contact business, which obviously does not change often, you do not have the issues of quickly losing valuable data like marketing by bulk emailing where email addresses go bad quickly.

No Email Filter Issues as the CPS submissions completely bypass the company email filters!

CPS even has the ability to "bypass captcha codes" that are required by some websites to submit your message into the contact page.

Your custom message can automatically contain all your contact information as if you were filling out each block on the contact page. Even your website link can be submitted and CPS handles "Unicode" for foreign website submissions.

Google search feature allows you to do a targeted search on any business industries and import the results into CPS for automatic website contact page submissions.

At www.DatabaseEmailer.com we have Business Database with 20 fields of information per record that is updated daily which has over 100 Million records Globally and 40 Million USA! Our Data can be chosen by Type of Industry (SIC/NAISC CODE), Geographically (Zip, City, County, State, Country), by Employee Size, by Company Revenue, by Titles of Executives, and more and you can also use your own data!

Because CPS only requires URL's of businesses you may also look at other software programs which FREELY collect an UNLIMITED amount of very FRESH business data records with URL's by targeted industry within targeted geographical locations. These business contact file is then automatically uploaded into CPS to freely contact all the businesses! See software which collects data from online business directories: maps.google.com and YellowPages.com found at: www.FreeLocalData.com

Additionally www.AdvancedContactsEngine.com ACE allows you to simultaneously use 12 different search engines (including Google, MS BING and Yahoo) to find targeted businesses and incredibly exports the results! The ACE results automatically can be uploaded into CPS to freely contact all the businesses!

User Friendly CPS operates on any Windows PC or can be installed on any Windows Server. No More Getting your IP addresses Black Listed!

We will demonstrate CPS at our Live Question & Answer Webinar which is Monday-thru Friday at 2pm eastern USA. See webinar access here: http://www.databaseemailer.com/free-webinar.php

To Obtain the Software Go to www.ContactPageSubmitter.com

  Advanced Contact Engine

Consumers Report: Its Google, Yahoo and Bing on Steroids! Unlimited FREE Data
Unlimited FREE Access To Highly Targeted Business Data Records!

ACE simultaneously uses Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines to obtain unlimited, free, targeted, fresh business data records.

Unlike a traditional search engine in which the results are controlled and listed 10 per page, ACE vertically lists the results and allows you to further target, analyzing and manipulating to further refine your search!

Unlike any other search engine ACE search results can be exported as a standard .csv file with a dozen data fields! You even have the ability to append a SIC and NAISC business code to the exported results to build an unlimited, free, targeted, fresh, database. FREE data at your fingertips!!

ACE unlimited FREE and fresh businesses data is collected at No Cost and can then be uploaded into our www.ContactPageSubmitter.com software to contact the ACE prospects you just obtained for FREE!

Get Unlimited FREE, FRESH, Targeted Sales Leads!

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  Yellow Pages Collector

Enter a business industry and City or State and the software will automatically collect from a major Yellow Pages business directory the business name, postal address, phone, fax, website, and email addresses of the businesses and exports to a data file!

View our Website for details

  Search Engine Collector ( Maps.Google.com Extractor)

Enter a business industry and City or States/Canadian Provinces and the software will automatically collect from a major search engine business directory the business name, postal address, phone, fax, website, and email addresses of the businesses and exports to a data file! You can also upload a file of postal codes for 200 countries to obtain free, fresh, targeted business data.

View our Website for details

  Classifieds Collector

Designed for obtaining targeted email addresses by keyword from any classified website. Classifieds Collector is very fast, reliable and affordable way for collecting email addresses for your targeted marketing needs. Classifieds Collector works with any classified website with so you can use the extracted data to promote your business worldwide. This data may include Email Address, Business Name, Contact Name, Business Address, Website Address and Telephone Number. Classifieds Software allows users to collect email addresses from (Craigs Lists, Gumtree, Kiiji, and Backpage) by dozens of targeted online classifieds categories in dozens of targeted geographic locations! It even has a built-in emailer to email a presentation and deliverability is over 99% due to these fresh classified postings. It is an all in one solution as Classifieds software also has a robust built–in emailer which allows users to send their presentations to the emails collected from its database. The software freely runs off a PC and can collect 100,000 targeted data leads per day.

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  Realtor Contactor

The realtor software freely runs on your PC and allows you to post and submit your message into the contact page of over hundred thousand realtors by geographic location. The software bypasses any email filters since it is posting directly to their contact page and of course since you are not emailing it is CAN-SPAM compliant. It simply automates you going to tens of thousands of contact pages per day and writing a note to each realtor as if you were visiting their contact page.

Realtor software is in high demand by many:

1) Realtors look to reach out to other realtors to advise them about a new property coming on the market or a price change in a property.
2) Mortgage Companies want to reach realtors so they can advise them of unique mortgage plans that would enable realtors buyers to afford the property.
3) Car companies like realtors because they spend money on nice cars and need to buy often.
4) People who sell business opportunities like contacting realtors because realtors are entrepreneurial types and are typically open to ways of making money on commission; especially now that the real estate industry is slow.
5) Companies selling communications equipment and services want to reach realtors because they are always on the go.

Go to www.SoftwareIsHere.com to Get a Free Trial